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I am grateful to the Diablo Valley Foundation for the Aging for being my go-to source for all things necessary.  The DVFA is organized, relative to so many things in today’s complicated world!  As a single and aging individual, it is important that I stay current with all resources.  My Care Manager makes sure that happens. - Susan B.



I was in dire straits after a fall that injured my shoulder.  A “friend”, who happened to be a lawyer, “took care of me”.  He cashed in my CD and used my credit cards, after he influenced me to give him power of attorney.  My debts escalated quickly to over $12,000.  A county employee suggested that I call the Diablo Valley Foundation for the Aging.  I did not know what they could possibly do for me, or what to expect.  With the assistance of their wonderful volunteer, who visits me on a regular basis, my bills are paid down to almost $5,000.00.  Now, I can sleep peacefully at night. - Iris H.



Thank you to my Care Manager at the Diablo Valley Foundation for everything you do to help me.  I especially appreciate having you with me at my doctor appointments.  Another set of ears to listen never hurt anyone! - Mary Z.



While working in a community dedicated to the elderly, I have encountered many residents that have engaged the services of the Diablo Valley Foundation for the Aging.  My observation has always been that the DVFA advocates for their clients, relying upon their strong ties in the community to help their clients get the very best of what they need.  I have never had a resident or family member unhappy. - Alissa G.



My family could not be happier with the services provided for my parents by the Diablo Valley Foundation for the Aging.  Since we live out of state, we rely on the DVFA care managers to be our “eyes and ears” and to be available at all times – day or night – so that we do not have to worry all the time.  Case in point: who do you know who will go out at midnight to the hospital to hold an elderly woman's hand in the ER?


Regarding the expense of their services…the DVFA charges what everyone else is charging!  The bonus here is that they offer many unique services in one place so that you have the advantage of broad spectrum assistance delivered by a dedicated case manager fluent in your particular situation.


Unlike other care management agencies, the DVFA does not charge for an initial consultation!  In that first meeting, they spend a lot of time triaging the present situation and needs, answering any questions you might have, and offering suggestions and recommendations.  After that meeting, they let the family and/or client decide if they want to retain their services – and with no pressure.


Over these past few years, our experience has been that the care and money managers prorate exactly for what was spent, and then bill monthly for all services.  Our invoice is always clear and on time.  For anybody, out of state or not, who is considering hiring a care and/or money manager for their elderly loved one, know that this is but a small price to pay for peace of mind! - Maria S.



The Diablo Valley Foundation for the Aging has been invaluable in arranging, coordinating, and managing the care and finances for my aging parents. Without their services, it would be impossible for my parents to maintain their standard of living, at home, in familiar and comfortable surroundings.


Their services are excellent, complete, and favorably priced.  They have helped us with the full spectrum of care, from evaluating my parents, through finding the best home caregivers available, to actively managing my parents’ expenses, to providing ongoing case management (through frequent home visits and care reviews).  They are always willing to accommodate any requests, and go out of their way to assure care is complete.


Both my sister and I live out of the country, so having the DVFA on-site and actively involved in the care of my parents has been invaluable to all of us.  The peace-of-mind gained from the knowledge that our parents are cared for in the best possible way is priceless.


When difficulties with my parents first became apparent, bringing them overseas to live with us was our first thought.  However, it soon became impossible due to reasons surrounding their physical health and mental capacities.  I believe that the DVFA is the next best choice to having them taken care of by family.


I highly recommend the DVFA as your partner in the care for elderly loved ones…they shine above the rest. - David C.



I was referred to the Diablo Valley Foundation for the Aging by my physician’s office manager.  As a wife, the mother of three, and full time career woman, caring for my 83-year-old parents had become quite difficult.  They lived in their own home and were not agreeable to anyone caring for them but me.  As their situation escalated, their checkbook did not balance; they sent “donations” to anyone who solicited them; they misplaced bills; and, frequently, they received calls that their telephone or cable service was going to be terminated for lack of payment.


My Father, who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and congestive heart failure, has maintained a positive attitude, walking daily and shopping.  My Mother, whose general health was good, spent the majority of her time in bed.  Since neither of them drove, they needed transportation to their many medical appointments, which I coordinated on my off days.  However, living an hour away often made this a difficult task.


After speaking with a care manager at the DVFA, we agreed that I would introduce her to my parents so that she could assess their situation and then provide me with recommendations as to how to help them best.  Her first suggestion was to integrate a personal assistant into my parent’s daily life.  At first, they were hesitant and not very cooperative; but, with much perseverance, the personal assistant was able to win them over.  Now, the personal assistant takes them to their appointments, shops for them, and helps them with their daily meal preparation.  At the same time, the DVFA provided a bill payer to assist with the payment of their monthly expenses.  Now, I am provided with a monthly financial report and updates from the care manager – if there is anything of importance that I should know.


While my parent’s needs are still great, I feel like a huge burden has been lifted from me, giving me peace of mind.  What is best in this whole situation is that my parents are still in their home.  More important, I now feel like the time I spend with them is really spent with them, and not just spent trying to manage all of their affairs. - Jennifer C.



A few years ago, I rented a room from an 86-year-old woman who slowly began to have problems remembering things – like if she had paid the utilities, or if she had signed the checks she sent to pay the utilities.  She asked if I would be willing to help her with the monthly bills, just to make sure that we didn’t get the lights or water turned off.  Upon finding this out, her daughter, who never called or visited, suddenly began to drop by the house to visit unexpectedly.  During these occasions, the daughter, who was overtly dismissive and always trying to convince her Mom that she needed to be placed in a “home,” began to ask me the rudest questions regarding her mother and my association with her.


As time passed, I realized that the woman I lived with needed an impartial, objective party that could assist her in maintaining her independence, while eliminating any question that I might be trying to gain something through my assistance.  The Diablo Valley Foundation for the Aging was recommended to me by a friend who had worked with them before their mother’s passing.  While still able to make her own decisions, the woman I lived with made arrangements with the DVFA to pay her bills, to make medical decisions, and to look after her overall wellbeing in the future.


The DVFA is a non-profit, not a charity.  They charged for their professional services, which I thought was only right.  They also provided volunteer services, which cost her nothing.  Within a year of engaging the services of the DVFA, I moved out when I started to see a greater decline in the woman’s health.  At that point, the DVFA stepped in, per her instructions, and saw to her needs in the last days of her life.  This woman’s family did not care about her – only what they could take from her.  While I did not have the ability to look after her, the DVFA did care for her as SHE wanted, until her death, and then saw to the distribution of her estate, as SHE wanted it.


I would recommend the DVFA to anyone who cares about someone who has no one else, or to anyone who wants the security of knowing that their wishes will be followed exactly as they intend. - Robert N.


Diablo Valley Foundation for the Aging is a not-for-profit corporation providing community service to seniors in Contra Costa County since 1975.

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